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Imagine a former primary school dropout graduating with a master degree from a prestigious school at nearly 60, or a student who left school after doing badly for his ‘O’ level examinations earning four degrees from leading universities, or a man who spent many years in prison before entering law school to become a lawyer. Imagine also a wheelchair-assisted university student who’s also training for the Para Olympics, or a senior citizen with a doctorate pursuing a bachelor degree in a different field after his retirement.

This book project is about celebrating and inspiring such extraordinary accomplishments in lifelong learning. It will tell the learning experiences and outstanding achievements of 10 featured learners. Readers will learn how they had persevered on their learning journeys in spite of barriers or obstacles posed by their diverse backgrounds and challenging circumstances. In their stories, the learners will share how they overcame the difficulties and what they learnt from their experiences. Their stories will show us that we can continue learning wherever we are, whatever our situations and whenever we can set aside time for learning. They will also include the testimonies and views of the learners’ families, friends, relatives, employers, colleagues and representatives from the community where they serve.

If you have an extraordinary experience to share that you think would inspire Singaporeans to embark on their own lifelong journeys, we would like to consider your story for possible inclusion in the book. After the publication of the book, the featured learners will have the opportunity to retell their stories at sharing sessions to be organised for the public to attend. This way, the book will be able to amplify its reach to the community and to inspire everyone to make lifelong learning a way of life.

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Joachim Sim is an independent writer, editor and publisher. He’s a senior citizen who believes in sharing what he has learnt to benefit others through writing. He’s written four books to propagate social and environmental responsibility among Singaporeans. Joachim is supported by his wife Mary on this project.

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