Code for Families

Cooking mama? Coding mama!

Times are volatile. First they (technology) came for the factory workers, then the PMETs. How can you best prepare your child for the jobs of tomorrow - which do not yet exist? Come for this taster session on e-commerce and try your hand at coding a website, culminating in a showcase for the entire family. Tech does not have to be scary. Come enjoy a weekend of coding fun together with other mums and families!

Topics covered:

D1 (3h+1h break)

  • Web Fundamentals - How the Internet Changes Everything

  • A Game of Market Structures

  • Know Your Persona

  • Break

  • Setting Up Wordpress

  • Creating A Landing Page

D2 (5h+1h break)

Showcase what you have learnt and learn together with the rest of your family! All are invited. An invited panel of speakers will share their work in different areas of e-commerce and stay for your questions during the “Human Library” breakout.

About Us

We are a group of young professionals with work experience in the consulting, technology and social sectors. We believe that if the superheroine of the family - mums - are able to experience how fun it is to create things with technology, then that fascination can easily spread to more Singaporeans!

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