Ice-cream Stick Hydraulics

Marrying engineering and arts with the humble ice-cream sticks

Our workshops are unique as they combine both engineering and the arts into a simple mechanical model that children can build independently. In our beginner series of workshops, children will be taught how to assemble ice cream sticks and a syringe hydraulic system to form a mechanical arm.

Children will be encouraged to come up with creative and functional uses for the arm thus transforming it into a blank canvas for their imagination to run wild. For our advanced series of workshops, older children will build ‘Judobots’- a mechanical model that uses syringe hydraulics to power a lifting arm and pivot.

The objective is for children to incorporate sound engineering principles into their Judobot design so that it is effective in throwing their opponents Judobot off its base. Furthermore, this workshop will teach children important work skills such as project planning, material and resource evaluation and time management as well as soft skills such as team work and sportsmanship. Ultimately, our goal is for children to realise the joy of building and creating and have fun doing so with others as well.

Beautifully created Judobots powered by syringe hydraulics and the humble ice-cream sticks.

About Us

We are Craftminds, a group of five friends passionate about teaching engineering concepts to children in an engaging way. Our goal is to hone a DIY culture in children and inspire them to use simple materials to create fun and meaningful projects.

Event Details

  • Date: 25 June 2016

  • Time: 1pm - 3pm

  • Location: Guilin View Poolside Function Room

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