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The Hack-a-Toy workshop is a hands-on learning experience to build a low-cost, DIY accessibility switch for children with special needs. Used with commercial off-the-shelf toys, these big button switches enable children with special needs to play and learn through play. The Hack-a-Mouse workshop is a hands-on learning experience to build a low-cost, DIY switch adapted mouse for persons with disabilities. By adapting the mouse to be activated by big button switches, these mice enable individuals with severe physical disabilities independent computer access. Through these workshops, participants will pick up basic technical and soldering skills, and apply these skills to a good cause. You will also learn more about disabilities and the disability sector in Singapore, and how assistive technology can enable and empower those with disabilities. These workshops are also a good opportunity for staff or family bonding, and to inculcate values of service learning in our younger participants! The products made during the workshop will be gifted to selected beneficiaries.

When people from all walks of life come together to learn to hack day-to-day equipment and toys to customise it for people with special needs.

About Us

Engineering Good is a non-profit organisation that empowers disadvantaged communities by improving their quality of life through sustainable engineering solutions. Working in partnership with community-based organisations locally and in the region, we provide opportunities for engineers to contribute their expertise to address community needs through skilled volunteerism.

Event Details

  • Date: 25 June 2016, 12pm

  • Time: Each session is 2 hours from 11am to 1pm

  • Location: Blk 620, Bukit Batok Central (at the void deck)

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