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Every time you make something, you learn

We are a family that strongly believes in learning through doing and making. We encourage our girls to learn beyond books, to experiment and make things at home. By doing so, we hope to cultivate their spirit of curiosity and creativity to solve problems. Now we would like to share this with the rest of our neighbours in Bukit Batok!

Sophia Curic (left), aged 7, dismantling a broken fan to see how it works. Anjali, aged 9, using plants and recycled materials to make her own fairy garden to illustrate scenes from her favourite books.

Over the past few sessions, children learnt about gardening, kinetic energy and electricity

using simple materials and lots of creativity and imagination to make their own creations.

What will you learn?

Starting June - Dec, we will have 10 ‘come and make’ sessions where families will use simple materials and crafts to learn and bond together. You will use all sorts of materials such as cardboard, clay, plasticine, paper, fabric and even small electronic components and simple technology to construct mini-models of cities, buildings, vehicles, microscopes, art and even make stop motion movies.

The theme for the next session on 14 August is Microscope!

You should join us if...

You don't know what "exploratory tinkering" is and want to experience yourself how learning can be fun! Also for those parents who would like to spend some quality time together with your children and learn a little about making.

About Us

(From L to R: Sophia Curic, aged 7, Kiruthika Ramanathan, Anjali Curic aged 9 and Adrian Curic)

My daughters, Anjali and Sophia Curic, are the ones behind this project. They enjoy making and tinkering and also sharing the maker mindset with their friends in school. We used to organise Tinkering Mondays at the playground when we brought materials for the children to tinker and play. Now we are opening it up to more to join us at these sessions. See you there!

Event Details

  • Date: 19 Jun, 17 Jul, 31 Jul, 14 Aug, 28 Aug, 25 Sep, 23 Oct, 13 Nov, 27 Nov, 11 Dec

  • Time: Each session is 2 hours from 11am to 1pm

  • Location: Blk 620, Bukit Batok Central (at the void deck)

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